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For Physa, quality plays a major role when developing and manufacturing new products. The Physa assortment includes a wide selection of salon equipment, wellness accessories, electric massage tables, and specialised cosmetic and pedicure chairs. Each device in this premium range is designed to offer you the support you need by equipping and optimising your studio, salon, or medical centre. Offer your clients a memorable experience!



All Physa products are developed and produced together with experts, which enables us to understand the needs of masseurs, physiotherapists and other professionals in these fields. Physa's main mission is to provide high-quality products and specialist devices that go above and beyond in terms of comfort, convenience and design.



The Physa range features a diverse selection of professional equipment that caters to a range of budgets, but never compromises on quality. To guarantee high satisfaction with Physa products, professional services such as after sales care, German quality checking and extensive testing by our experts are a part the production process.



Physa is constantly seeking to improve and optimize their products. Staying in constant communication with experts in the beauty and health industries is also a priority, as it helps meet the needs of professional clients. What is more, customer communication and feedback plays an active role in the brand’s product development. Lastly, clear usage instructions and assured spare parts availability contributes to product durability and to the enjoyment of using Physa products.



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