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Our 30,000 m2 office and logistics centre is located in Nowy Kiesilin. Kiesilin is a district of Zielona Góra, an important centre of Polish e-commerce business and of strategic importance for the efficient organisation of logistics.
The convenient location and excellent infrastructure contribute to cost optimisation in e-commerce in general and in the transportation sector in particular. In addition to the office and warehouse, we also have two modern film and photography studios as well as a service centre where we test all our products.

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Separate, air-conditioned rooms and bright, ergonomic workstations provide a pleasant atmosphere for our colleagues. Modern conference rooms enable online meetings with the teams in our offices in Warsaw and Berlin—even in parallel. Both floors have large, well-appointed kitchens where co-workers can eat together at a table or enjoy a delicious coffee from our coffee machine. The lounge areas and office library provide space for relaxation. The commute between Zielona Góra and Kisielin is made easy by two free shuttles during the flexible working hours.