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We know that practicality is essential for any serious gardener – therefore, we make it our mission to provide our customers with practical tools at affordable prices.

No nonsense. Hard-working. Simple.



There are plenty of gardening tools on the market, but hillvert is the one that focuses on delivering the most efficient products at attractive prices. Not only do our products boast an excellent German design, but they are also extensively tested in their respective fields. hillvert – that is the top of the green hill – not all products can fit there, so we wisely select and carefully develop only the essential ones to perfection.



hillvert may not have every possible gardening tool in their portfolio but you can be sure that the tools they do provide are first class. We produce smart gardening tools that support productivity and comfort. They are design made and extensively tested in Germany. Before we release a product, we make sure it is as good as it could be and for a good price. There are no useless add-ons, no unnecessary visual enhancements, just quality.



The basis and template of every hillvert design is to deliver practical, functional, easy to use gardening tools and we invest both time and effort in maintaining this philosophy.



Our customers have the opportunity to test their purchases for up to 90 days before committing to it. Also, for every product within the hillvert portfolio, an insightful instructional video is provided which has been created in collaboration with gardening experts. These experts also advise and assist us in the development and design of all future hillvert products.


So you think you cannot grow anything here?

Challenge accepted!


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