Create unforgettable moments with the event equipment from SINGERCON. We create the conditions for unique events and parties that will remain in memory through our passionate engagement, latest technology and innovative ideas. Our main focus lies on the customer and his wishes, which is why SINGERCON's equipments are manufactured in cooperation with various experts. We are therefore able to enhance our products thanks to their experience and know-how.

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"During the conception phase of the Singercon-branded product CON.FM-400, I envisioned a specific device which could create the perfect atmosphere and win your guests` hearts. Due to the incomparable combination of functionality and design, your future events will be unique experiences. The fog machine was designed to be easy to handle and convenient to operate. The impressive modern design combined with high-quality materials are the key factors that enable this device to guarantee an amazing experience no matter the conditions."

Kirill Singer // Designer