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We are a German company that has been focusing on satisfying the needs of demanding professionals all over Europe for over 10 years. This is reflected by our robust processes, quality products and highly skilled team.

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“Shortly after graduating from Chemnitz in early 2012, I applied at expondo and successfully assumed my position as service manager. I thus became responsible for developing the team and structuring the department. At the time, the company only had 12 employees. At the end of 2012, I took responsibility over the content department, and consequently began building up a team with a well-organised structure once more. My next stage at expondo started in October 2013, which progressively led me towards the management position. You could say that I was the “right hand” of the two founders. I am now expondo’s managing director and, following our tradition of naming brands after ourselves, I am proud to have the privilege of naming our new product line – bredeco!  This also means taking personal responsibility for its quality.”

Sebastian Brede - Chief Executive Officer

From dedication to trust

“The past few years at expondo are difficult to summarize in just a few words:  My career at expondo mirrors the success story of the company itself, as I also started small. At first, I was a consultant in the international team. Within the first few months I had already learned so much and I was constantly setting myself more challenging tasks. After a short time, the expondo management entrusted me with the leadership of the international department. For me, one thing is sure: I am proud I had the opportunity to contribute to expondo’s growth, and I will keep doing so in the future.”

Elena Andreol - Team Lead Customer Care

Personal development

“When I think about last 3 years, it was rather stressful at the beginning, but also a very enjoyable time, during which I have learned a lot. Not only did we keep finding new ways to improve the European market, but we also developed into a very united and well-organised team. Thanks to this challenging, yet wonderful time, I also had the chance to develop myself personally. Now I am a team leader, supervising the teams of the southern European countries. Additionally, my current tasks include facilitating the stable sales growth of the Spanish market. Working at expondo is always interesting and satisfactory, since we constantly deal with a wide variety of new and challenging tasks. As both our product range and the eCommerce market constantly develop themselves, we always have the opportunity to learn about different products and fascinating technologies.”

Eleder San Sebastian - Team Leader Coordination & Translation

shaping the company’s strategy

“Shortly after having moved to Berlin, I started working as a customer support specialist for expondo. Since then, the company has offered me plenty of opportunities to develop myself: After the first few months, the management of the Service Team was passed on to me. Thus I could significantly shape the customer service at expondo, while having a great team by my side, which is always ready to help our customers. A few weeks ago, I took on a new challenge and am now building a new team that focuses on customer satisfaction. As the head of the Customer Experience Management team, I will devote myself to new and exciting projects aimed at building customer loyalty. Since customer satisfaction is extremely important to me, I’m extremely happy with what I do and look forward to continuing my work with expondo.”

Marleen Wedler - Team Lead Customer Experience Management

Empowered by globalization

“Finland was the first smaller country that obtained its own expondo shop – and there I was. I started my career as the online marketing manager for Finland, which back then meant fulfilling a varied set of tasks, such as: answering the customer telephone, translating, developing online marketing and the ‘Finland as a tourist destination’ advice for colleagues. Now I lead the Nordic countries team, as well as the international SEA team of the online marketing department. Expondo offers us plenty of opportunities to gain more and more experience, as well as opportunities to broaden our knowledge – all we have to do is be active and accept each new challenge as it comes along! Not to mention, individual initiative is always rewarded!”

Saija Kononen - Team Lead SEA


My career at expondo started while I was still studying, though I managed to combine it with work quite successfully. At the beginning, it wasn’t so easy, but as they say – when there’s a will, there’s a way. The company consisted of few employees at that time; now the whole capital group hires several hundreds of people. Alongside  expondo’s  growth , I have  also been developing my skills and gaining experience. The company implemented the logistics processes I proposed, so I could put the theory acquired at Poznan University of Technology into practice. It is the chance to initiate innovative logistics solutions that makes working at expondo so fascinating. Being able to observe how your theoretical knowledge finds its use in practice and gives measurable results makes me believe the truth of the saying: “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Damian Kozinoga - Head of Warehouse Logistics


At the end of 2016, I joined expondo, having already amassed a vast experience while working for large production companies. Initially, as a Product Engineer, I had to face a new challenge,  namely learning the structure and character of the e-commerce industry. The knowledge acquired during that time helped me  understand the process of creating whole product categories. In my first year, I was entrusted with the position of Product Cards Manager. More responsible duties also brought new opportunities for personal development. I focused on making the work of my team and myself more efficient, in order to meet the challenges connected with the company’s rapid growth. I am optimistic about the future and I look forward to the even more demanding tasks to come, because – as expondo’s motto says – I love to GET IT DONE

Ilona Świerszko - Product Cards Manager


My adventure with expondo had a rather unusual beginning. While having applied for a completely different position, the HR department decided that my more than 10 years of television work and extensive experience in photography would be useful in the newly created photographic studio. After a few months, we started employing more graphic designers and photographers, and I became a team leader. The following year, we started creating product films. Currently, after two years, I am the Photo and Video Team Manager. Working at expondo allowed me to have a broader view of the e-commerce market. It also showed me how important high-quality photos can be for customers, and how taking care of a company’s digital image can affect its success. I look forward to the years to come. Further team development is a great challenge that allows us to turn various creative concepts into reality.

Rafał Bociek - Photo and Video Team Manager

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