The expondo strategy

Our vision is a world where every expert focuses only on their craft while living a balanced life.


We will structure, optimize and automate as many business processes as possible, to enable quick and efficient business decision making.

We understand, that data is the key to progress - with that, we will provide modern IT tools to support most of the business processes, automate data gathering and analysis.

Market experts

We work hard to built trust among small and medium business owners, to supply them with the smart choice of tools to enable them grow their business space.
We reach our customers with a dedicated and category focused shop strategy to increase trust into our expertise (i.e. gastro.experts, welding.experts, etc.). Our aim is to assist to get their work done smarter by providing real expert advice and superior customer service.

Develop the best team

We will work hard to develop teams and individuals, who will be more efficient and competent to grow the business together.
We will focus on personal growth both of team members and managers, by giving employees responsibilities that will give them ownership and recognition in the work they do.
We trust, that the employees who are empowered in the daily work will do their best for the Team.


We all work towards our 3HAG (3 year Highly Achievable Goal) of 300M EUR revenue by the end of 2024.  
To achieve that, we will grow innovative platforms like expondo experts, new markets and continue to grow exponentially our already diverse product portfolio. 
Our promise is to share the new experts' shopping experience as the next eCommerce revolution in terms of simplification and effectiveness.