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When it comes to crafting and manufacturing, high-quality industrial equipment is absolutely crucial to developing outstanding products that keep your customers coming back. Whether you are working with naturally robust metals or delicate materials, having safe, hardwearing tools is of the utmost importance. With their broad range of furnaces, crucibles and vacuum drying ovens, Goldbrunn is the expert when it comes to these delicate processes. So, regardless of whether it’s in the lab, a construction site or a jeweller’s workshop, this trusted brand is ideal for a wide range of professional applications.



Thanks to its great and ongoing relationship with experts, Goldbrunn gained the unique competence of understanding the needs of professionals. 

Each of our Goldbrunn melting furnaces is built to industry standards, rigorously tested for both safety and quality. Made with sturdy, heat-resistant graphite, our furnaces reach a maximum temperature of 1100 degrees, allowing you to safely work with silver, gold or copper.

The furnace rapidly reaches your desired temperature, allowing you to work at a remarkably high speed, which can be crucial when working on delicate designs. The digital controls on our Goldbrunn melting furnaces allow you to choose a temperature to a precision of one degree, taking the ancient craft of jewellery-making well into the 21st century. In addition to that, each model is fitted with a pouring spout allowing for maximum ease and safety when pouring molten metals. 



The Goldbrunn range of melting furnaces is an industry favourite, especially loved by jewellery designers. It’s well known that only time can truly test the quality of beautifully crafted jewellery. With a Goldbrunn melting furnace, available in capacities of 1, 2, or 3 kilograms, you can create timeless pieces from gold, silver and copper that are sure to pass the test of time.

We understand the needs of our professional customers. Clear usage instructions, product presentation movies, assured spare parts availability - all of that contributes to product durability and lasting enjoyment of using Goldbrunn equipment. 




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