Piotr Stach and Waldemar Moss operate the online platform expondo. The range includes about 3,000 items from the bestseller – a popcorn machine – to the incubator for chicken eggs. We asked which trends determine the need.

How have the gastronomic requirements for equipment changed?

Due to rising cost pressures, restaurateurs and chefs are now having to make their offerings and prices increasingly aggressive. As a result, they need to find equipment that is highly efficient, that saves resources and provides added value. At the same time, the trend is to buy more appliances in order to be able to produce new and different products and thereby make the menu more interesting. In addition, in many cases, equipment has to be portable as mobile business models such as food trucks become more important.

What innovations has this changed demand produced?

Numerous! The first thing that comes to mind is induction technology, which makes many devices more efficient. New storage solutions have also been developed – such as vacuum, which is becoming increasingly popular.

How does expondo try to align with the needs of restaurateurs?

We offer a wide range of equipment to serve a wide range of needs. We are aimed at the smallest companies as well as at large companies. A wide range of portable equipment, as is ideal for food trucks or pop-up restaurants, is also part of our portfolio.



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