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What makes us unique

The Niche Experts

Expondo Formula

The expondo success story is built on the formula of finding niche products for professionals, semi-professionals and hobbyists that did not exist before at such a quality - price ratio. Characteristics include complexity, low competition, long life cycle and stable prices. The strategy from the beginning was to become real experts in those niche categories by offering the widest range, good quality, and great service, and making them available through e-commerce.

tested by our experts

Quality is a must

From the beginning we focused strongly on the quality of our own-brand products. Each product is tested before we introduce it into our portfolio, each production batch is inspected before it goes into our sales channels, and all products are continuously being improved with the help of our customers. We at expondo are proud that all these quality services are offered by our experts in our testing centres and together with our manufacturers according to German standards.

Up to 2,000 Own-brand Products Per Year

"Product Shooting Machine"

Our “get it done” culture has enabled us to build this product value chain with which we can launch up to 2,000 own-brand products per year. We are aware that our customers require a larger selection of products and categories, and we have committed to getting this done.

Offering Niche Products Worldwide

Service Expansion

Our conviction and drive to supply our niche products and tailored services to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide has led to strong expansion from the beginning of expondo. We currently operate in 29 countries in Europe, and our focus is on extending appropriate and scalable service to our customers. Once we reach this milestone, we will launch our expansion plans for the next continents!