Investment from Crédit Mutuel Equity

Investment from Crédit Mutuel Equity


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Jul 13, 2021 4:00 pm · 10 min read

expondo, a leading Pan-European B2B ecommerce platform for small businesses announces investment from Crédit Mutuel Equity to support its transformation as it enters a new phase of growth.

Berlin, Germany, 07 13 2021 – expondo today announced an investment from Crédit Mutuel Equity as the company transforms from a successful start-up to a professional B2B eCommerce platform.

Waldemar Moss and Piotr Stach, founders of expondo strategically sell a minority stake to Crédit Mutuel Equity to accelerate the company’s transformation.

Over the past two years the company has transitioned from the original start-up management to a professional leadership team by on-boarding Nicholas Holdcraft as the Global CEO.

expondo enters a new phase of growth with the ambition to empower craft businesses as the destination of choice for professional craftspeople and ambitious hobbyists.

expondo, a leading online-marketplace for professionals and passionate hobbyists to source high-quality, affordable equipment today revealed its partnership with Crédit Mutuel Equity. Founded in Berlin in 2007 by Waldemar Moss and Piotr Stach, expondo has grown rapidly and organically over the past 14 years. The support of Crédit Mutuel Equity as a venture partner will bring expondo to the next level.

Waldemar Moss and Piotr Stach, founders, and members of the board of expondo, said:

“expondo has been growing at an exceptional rate since inception. Two years ago, we broadened the executive leadership team so that we could focus on the strategic vision for expondo. We are delighted to have attracted highly skilled, global professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset who uphold our core values. Now that this step has been successfully concluded, bringing in a long term oriented financial partner with complementary expertise is the final step to the transformation of expondo.”

Nicholas Holdcraft was brought on as the Global CEO of expondo Group to drive the transformation to a professional mid-sized company. He has a strong background in implementing and leading high-performing executive teams which have created real business results in a wide range of industries from manufacturing to eCommerce. Nicholas stated: “The investment and partnering with Crédit Mutuel Equity is a major step in the further development of expondo. It will enable us to grow much faster in the future than our already impressive growth. With our new partners, we are also gaining access to further capabilities in exploring opportunities in new global markets and mergers & acquisitions.”

In recent years, expondo has matured into a highly successful eCommerce store that offers a diverse range of trusted expondo owned branded products for professionals working in gastronomy, crafts, industrial services, and health & sports. Their unique customer-centric approach to eCommerce has allowed them to procure and distribute top-end equipment to more than 1 million customers within expert niche markets while achieving a top line CAGR of over 40 percent . More than 2,000 private label products are launched every year based on technical user requirements and key market feedback with a total offering of over 5,000 products.

expondo’s ambition is to empower Germany’s small business sector as the go-to destination for professional craftspeople and ambitious hobbyists by significantly simplifying their online shopping experience and delivery of easy-to-use products, allowing business customers to concentrate purely on their profession. Beyond the product, expondo is committed to community building amongst small business owners to support and enable businesses with expert advice and knowledge sharing through a content-rich platform that offers tutorials, how-to videos, and more. expondo is committed to continuous product portfolio growth to support customer needs in all of their sales markets.

The future is full of opportunities for expondo. The Berlin-based company already operates across over 18 countries with more than 500 employees and offices in Germany, Poland, and the UK, including having a strategic procurement team of more than 40 experts in three locations in China. They ship their products express to all of Europe and have their sites set firmly on other global markets. They deliver high-quality products to the market and offer exceptional warranty conditions for their customers which they are continuously improving on. With revenues on target to exceed EUR 100 million this year, expondo is one of the unique champions in the eCommerce space, and with the support of Crédit Mutuel Equity, is in pole position to grow exponentially.

Sébastien Neiss, Managing Director of Crédit Mutuel Equity in Germany:

“We take pride in being a partner to some of Europe’s most successful owner-led companies and accompanying many of them through transformations similar to expondo’s. We expect expondo to move forward in very big steps and look forward to supporting them in growth projects of all kinds while keeping their organisational structure up to speed.”

About Crédit Mutuel Equity

Crédit Mutuel Equity (formerly CIC Capital) is the private equity subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale and carries out venture capital, growth capital, and buyout activities. Crédit Mutuel Equity supports business leaders at all stages of their companies’ development, from seed phase to buyout, by providing them with the means and the time required to implement their transformational projects. Crédit Mutuel Equity brings together a network of over 350 business leaders and entrepreneurs who share similar convictions and can benefit from one another’s experience, no matter the nature of their projects. Using its own funds (€3.0 billion), Crédit Mutuel Equity makes investments tailored to the time horizons and growth strategies of

the companies in which it invests, whether in France, Canada, the United States, Germany, or Switzerland.

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