Interview with Kirill Singer

Interview with Kirill Singer

Corporate Designer expondo

Written by Moss Julia - Executive Manager

Mar 26, 2021 12:05 pm · 3 min read

Meet the creative multi-talent behind our brands.

Hello Kirill, I would like to hear about you. Since when are you working as a graphic designer? What was the main reason that attracted you to design and finally to expondo?

I must look back quite a few years. When I moved to Berlin from St. Petersburg, it was hard to imagine how my perspectives and possible opportunities will look like in the upcoming years. Together with my family, I migrated to Berlin at the age of 12 and it was quite hard to even consider my career or any other prospects. Highly possible it was just a sign of fate or even a pure coincidence, as i introduced the two expondo founders to each other, back in 1997.

During the 8th year at school, I got to know Piotr. It was from the very first moment clear to me that from this point and together with my best friend and neighbor Waldemar, we will fulfil certain goals and collect new experiences. During our teenage years, we came across countless funny moments and the time passed by quite fast. After graduating from high school, each of us started getting ready for the upcoming years.

Already during the last year of high school, I was having much pleasure to work on various creative projects. I got the chance to test various programs and I did some experimentation with graphic, video and sound design. Right after that, i checked various universities and their offers, in order to find out which directing will be a perfect match to me. Finally, I picked a modern university from Hamburg with several creative minds on board as lectures selected from the most popular agencies around Europe. Already during this first stage, I was having my first logo designs and corporate identity projects, and I was practically setting step into the graphic design world.

Piotr was making his debut on eBay, by selling products over the platform. Then i was wondering why he is not using any logos or a banner design to make everything look more appealing and professional.

This is the moment when we designed the first eBay shop. Quickly, we realized that there are many opportunities to present products in a much more attractive way than other competitors in the market.
Instead of selling everything mixed up, we considered it much easier to start separating products according to categories that they belong, and we created specific brands dedicated to each of them.

As a matter of fact, we are still in close cooperation till nowadays before new brands and projects go live. At this point I would like to mention my team member Thomas Latinos. He started working at expondo as an intern and several years later he became one of the most reliable and trustful persons in my private and corporate life.
Thomas took over every project, from product design till the final communication with our business partners in Asia. An incredible career that I was able to accompany from day one.

Last but not least, I brought on board Christoph Rodak, who is one of my classmates back in the university. From that moment he is working with us as creative director.

There are many reasons that are making the family feeling within the company quite strong, as everyone is playing an important role even on a private level. Everybody is looking forward to being back at work, meet the rest of the team and get ready for new adventures.

While taking a trip down the memory lane, it really feels like a fairytale.  It is impressive to see how from a small apartment in Neukölln, expondo ended up being a modern company with more than 300 employees in 3 continents.

What do you think about the 10 next years at expondo?

It is hard to tell what the next 10 years will bring to the company and me personally. Who knows! There is only one thing that I can assure you. All team members are the heart of the company who are working professionally, are creative and very well structured. Especially now with the new group CEO, Nicholas Holdcraft, a leader that I consider one of a kind. Due to his extensive experience and his learnings from Harvard Business School, he is a true leader who is motivating and inspiring all team members.

Do you have any specific project that you are dreaming of?

One of my biggest desires in the near future is to create a new brand for the expondo brand family.

Would you consider a project from the past of outmost importance to you?

My favorite project up to now, was the design of the Stamos Welding Stand which I designed for a Welding Expo. Our stand back then, won the prize „Best Stand“. The biggest challenge i had to face was the communication part. I was not able to be present during the construction of it, so I had to communicate everything by telephone or by exchanging emails. The time investment was significant for only 2 days appearance at the expo, but it is a project that will stay in my mind forever.

How are you spending your time when you are not designing something?

One of my passions is to travel. I am always keen to explore new areas, new people and collect new inspirations. Every place is having its own signature, every country its own style.

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